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Funkmaster Flex and entertainment mogul Dame Dash have been fighting on social media. Now Flex is calling Dame an "addict."

Last week Funkmaster Flex went on a rant on his top-rated radio show. He was defending Lyor Cohen, head of Youtube Music, against allegations that he's a "culture vulture" by Dame Dash. Dame has been calling Lyor a 'culture vulture' for years.

After the Hot 97 DJ branded Dash a liar for calling YouTube Music executive Lyor Cohen a culture vulture on Instagram, the Honor Up star fired back on Thursday (Dec. 20) by calling Flex a coward for not having a conversation with him about his thoughts about Cohen face-to-face.

"Not sure what’s wrong with this dude @funkflex or why he hates his own culture so much," Dash said in his loaded Instagram post. "But I feel sorry for him...his master won’t let him out of the that lil room he’s been in for 30?years...and his master won’t even give him a promotion...his master only lets him talk about his own culture...need that conversation face to face @funkflex dont be a coward...and we all know #liarcohen @youtubemusic is paying you cause he’s to much of a coward to face me himself...just like they always do... (divide and conquer)."

A "culture vulture" is a non-Black person who exploits African American culture for profit, then takes all the money made from the exploitation out of the community.

Flex went on an hour-long rant explaining why Lyor is NOT a culture vulture, during which he accused Dame of being a hater and an "addict."

Flex then doubled down on the "addict" claims on social media yesterday. He posted that Dame has an "addiction issue" on Instagram. And Flex claims that he has "receipts" proving Dame's "addiction."

Its not clear what type of "addiction" Flex has receipts for. But many on social media are speculating that Flex is calling Dame Dash a "drug addict."

Here's the post: