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Jermaine Dupri sat down for an interview on The Big Tigger Show where he denied that Jay-Z had told him not to accept a deal with the NFL last year.

His words are contrary to a statement that Flex made early this week, saying that he had spoken to Dupri who confirmed that Jay did tell him not to take the deal.

Rather than feel angered about Dupri walking back on his statements, he took to Instagram to clown him:

"Hahahah! I love you Jermaine for life! NFL / ROCNATION applying that pressure for YOU to backpedal! (Body Language is everything) ITS WEDNESDAY BRUH? THIS HAPPENED MONDAY? ( I finally understand what Kap / Nessa been Experiencing! )" he wrote.

Jay has been catching a lot of heat from his deal, but we think that Flex may be right - somebody may have gotten to Dupri and applied pressure for him to change the narrative.