French Montana On Rappers Struggling During Shut Down: A Lot Of Rappers Live Check To Check!!


French Montana has revealed that a lot of his rapper friends are struggling during the nationwide shut down -- he says that many live check to check.

Speaking to TMZ, French stressed the importance of budgeting and saving.

"Everybody is getting put to test about one thing and one thing only: was you saving money while you was rapping? Did you build a capital? Did you build something, like a retirement plan?" he asked.

French added that he has always saved his money, but others have not been so responsible.

"Since I been working, I always would spend and I would save because I always dreamed about a beautiful exit one day and I always saved the money for a rainy day," French continued. "But you don't see things like this coming. So there's a lot of artists that live check to check and there is gonna be a lot of garage auctions. I can tell you that."

Check out the interview below.