French Montana took things to the extreme amid his ongoing beef with rapper 50 Cent and leaked a clip from the midseason premiere this Sunday - before fans got a chance to watch the show.

"BREAKING NEWS ‼️" he wrote in the clip's caption. "All you power fans 59 don't show u who killed ghost tomorrow….. he still Tryana [sic] drag his last piece of power but here's the highlight of tomorrow's episode let me save you a hour of your life."

50 appeared to be unfazed. Instead, he shared a clip of Pistol Pete ripping into French's Coke Boys.

"You know pete ain't got no reason to lie, this is back when Wrench was giving me Khalid's mother on tape sleeping," 50 wrote on Instagram. "He switch sides a lot he a sucker, that's why the Dream Chasers beat his ass. oh yeah when you gonna do something about that. LOL I know you get so busy #lecheminduroi #bransoncognac #starzgettheapp #abcforlife.”