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French Montana has spoken out about the now-viral video of him yelling at a security guard.

Earlier this week, French was caught on camera screaming at his security guard and knocking a camera phone out of another man's hand. According to French, two members of his entourage started fighting, and that's what led to his anger.

"We had went to the strip club, then after the strip club, we stopped to get some chopped cheese," he told Angie Martinez. "Then my boys just started arguing. The next thing, I turn around, they started fighting. My security is in the car asleep—I don't blame him, though. But that's why I was yelling. I shouldn't be the one breaking up a fight. It was only us. It wasn't no outside people."

French also explained why his intervention was necessary, "Let me tell you something: I'm a gangster rapper," he said. "That means sh*t going to happen ... I mean, if I see two of my friends fighting ... you think I'm not going to go break up the fight because I'm worrying about what anybody thinks? They could end up stabbing each other, shooting each other ..."

Check out the full interview below.