French Montana and 50 Cent are still going at it, and over the weekend, French accused 50 Cent of buying his him fake streams to boost his numbers falsely.

"Yeah, you sensitive dinosaur. I got all under your skin. Your whole page is about me. When that hate don't work they start telling lies, baby. Go keep buying my streams and talking 'bout faking streams. I checked on it. They all coming from New York. I did my homework. Damn, you mad."

French continued in the video, "Stop buying my streams. I'm doing numbers. You can't fake....Yo, how you go out your way, and call yourself an artist and buy my streams to make me look bad?"

The video comes after 50 posted a screenshot of an article which accuses French of copping fake streams for his work.

The pair have been exchanging jabs online for the best part of a week. Y'all believe 5 copped the fake streams or nah?