MTO SHOCKER: Mom Accused Of MURDERING Baby . . . By FREEZING HER TO DEATH . . . In The Freezer!!


A 15-month-old baby named Samia Bartee was killed inside a New York apartment. Police are claiming that the child may have been BEATEN HALF TO DEATH by her mom - and then FROZEN ALIVE inside a kitchen freezer.

Samia's mother, De'Asia Bartee, is being charged with manslaughter according to local news station, PIX 11.

Police claim that young Samia appears to have been BEATEN SEVERELY to the face. But there's more. Police added they are investigating claims Samia may have been dead for hours, and her body had been placed in a freezer.

It comes after CBS New York reported the young girl was found in an "extremely cold" state and first responders suspected she had been in a freezer.

We really hope that this mother didn't do all this.