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Former drug lord Freeway Rick Ross sat down for an interview where he was asked his opinion on the shock death of rapper Juice Wrld - he says he was not surprised by Juice being found with 70 lbs of weed in his possession.

"It do, and it don't," Freeway replied when he was asked whether Juice having that much weed with him made sense. 

"Because I question these guys having money. A lot of these rappers we see, and we look up to, and these labels make 'em look rich because they want you to feel like they have money so that you'll think that they're something special. And then you find out that they're selling drugs on the side. The only reason I can see somebody selling drugs on the side of a career if they're not really making money or if they just a damn fool. For somebody to have millions of dollars and start to sell drugs when they never sold drugs before to me would be totally insane." 

Peep the clip below.