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Freeway Rick Ross claims that he can help MMG boss, Rick Ross revive his career.

Ricky Donnell Ross, AKA “Freeway Rick Ross" is one of the most notorious drug dealers in history. In his heyday, he ran the streets of Los Angeles and reportedly made over $900 million in the streets - including a claim that he made $3 million in just one day.

During a sitdown with AllHipHop, when asked about his feeling on the rapper, he said the following:

"I like, “Freeway” because he came out and said it. He told the truth. What the rapper [Rick Ross] should have did was came out and said, “You know what, I love this guy, I wanted to be like this guy so much that I adopted his name as mine. He’s my hero. Look, I tattooed his name on my hand. I’m absolutely infatuated with this guy. I’m infatuated with everything that he did. How could he start with $125 and turn it into $3 million a day sometimes?” If he would have did that, we wouldn’t have had no problems. He thought I was done. He read that article that, Jesse Katz wrote in the, “Texas Monthly” that I had to make him re-write in the “L.A. Magazine.”

It was then that he claimed that he could breathe new life into Ross' career:

"I’ve moved past that. I still would like to work with him. I think that I could help him revive his career. He been hot for what… 6 or 7-years and I’ve been hot for 40. I think he’s talented musically, but other than that his brilliance is not really there. No disrespect, but I feel that if me and him walked through these ghettos together, he definitely wouldn’t have had the problem with the ‘GD’s” that he had," he told the music outlet.

He continued:

"I definitely would have been able to keep him out of that and some of the other problems that he’s had throughout his career. But you know, I got so much other stuff going on. That’s not even a thought in my mind no more. I don’t even entertain it. His notoriety is gone way down. You used to hear him on the radio everyday all day and now you don’t even hear him on the radio anymore. He’s not really a factor. Right now, I’m taking on Los Angeles City Hall."

There has always been tension between the two as Rozay has not paid homage to Freeway, whose name he took and built a career out of.

Does Rozay need some help reviving his career? Has he fallen off? Let us know.