Former drug kingpin Freeway Rick Ross is still not happy about rapper Rick Ross borrowing his moniker and is accusing him of tarnishing his legacy.

Freeway says that while he was still in prison, he reached out the rapper to hash things out, but Ross changed his number on him and never hit him back.

"Rick Ross used my whole name, you know, and he probably gained the most stardom out of anybody," he shared. "[Rick Ross] goes on and telling people that he's never heard of me."

He also trashed Rick Ross' claims that he took the name from a football player, which doesn't really make any sense.

 "It just make you feel like, 'what's with this guy? Why can't this guy just come out and say, you know, what I am and what I do.' And then, the way he raps, too, he raps about selling drugs, and he never sold drugs. He was a correctional officer, had a credit card in high school, you know? Come from one of those great backgrounds went to college and couldn't read and write. I'm like, why do you make a mockery of what normal people go through? It's almost like making a mockery of it."

Is Freeway Rick Ross right to be upset or is it time to let Rozay live?