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Freddie Gibbs Says He Will Fight Dr. Umar Johnson For $5M!!

Dr. Umar Johnson said he's down to fight Mike Tyson in a celebrity boxing match, but Freddie Gibbs says he would fight Umar for $5 million.

"Dr. Umar soft as hell. Dr. Umar gonna pick a fight with Mike Tyson because that's a political move for the internet but you never said you wanna fight Freddie Kane. Mike Tyson ain't gonna fight your fat ass, man. You fat as f*ck, bro. You cannot f*ck with Tyson," he said in an interview.

"I got love for Dr. Umar but I will whoop your ass in the first round and I will get high and drunk on every drug… I will f*ck you up. I'd need about $5 million to fight you. I got sh*t to do."


His words went viral and Dr. Umar saw the clip with Freddie and appeared to accept the challenge. But who is going to put up the money to make the fight happen?