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Freddie Gibbs Disses DJ Akademiks Onstage At Day N Vegas Festival

Freddie Gibbs performed at the Day N Vegas Festival where he continued his beef with DJ Akademiks.

Gibbs got the crowd to chant "F*ck Akademiks" several times.

"Na Fredrick is burnt out," he wrote, alongside several laughing emojis. "I told u this fool got confused after I exposed him. "f*ck Policeeeeee" while his dad a cop and he seem so mad dissing me at his show .. little bill.. why u do this @FreddieGibbs"

The pair have been beefing online for months. 

During a recent interview with Brittany Renner, Ak said:

“Don’t talk about you coulda done this, done that,” he said during a livestream. “Harv [a member of 6ix9ine’s Tr3yway crew] shot at you! 6ix9ine told us that, n*gga … You ain’t get no get-back. You ran from New York like a b*tch. Stop playing with me, n*gga. Acting like you some big bad n-gga because I’m a blogger? You can’t beef with no rapper?”


He also tweeted Gibbs to 'stop tweeting and start spinnin.'