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WHAT THE FREAK???? Rumor Has It That RAH ALI From Love And Hip Hop . .. Got Some RIBS REMOVED . . . To Have A Smaller Waist!!! (PICS)

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Do y'all remember Rashidah "Rah" Ali from Love & Hip Hop: New York? Well she lost a GANG OF WEIGHT RECENTLY - and she looks great. But how did she lose the weight?

There's a rumor on social media that Rah took a trip down to Columbia - and had two of her RIBS REMOVED.

We don't have any evidence that RAH did this - but we do know for a FACT that RIB REMOVAL SURGERY is one of the most popular NEW SURGERIES being offered in Columbia.

The controversial surgery - which can give women VERY SMALL WAISTS - is illegal in the United States.

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