WHAT THE FREAK!!! Rapper Azealia Banks ADMITS . . . To Performing A VOODOO SPELL . . . On Nicki Minaj!! (Do You Believe . . . In BLACK MAGIC??)


While Nicki Minaj is trying to recover from the ShETHER disaster - she may have some bigger fish to fry.

Female rapper Azealia Banks has admitted in the past to becoming a voodoo priestess. She's even admitted to sacrificing chickens for her spells.

Well now she is saying that she put a SPELL on Nicki Minaj. She claims to have "taken her energy" and put it in a bottle.

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Azealia also weighed in on Nicki's beef with Remy, saying that Nicki would probably call the cops on her. But we don't remember anyone asking for Azealia's opinion.