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WHAT THE FREAK???? Cardi B's Sister HENNESSY Overdid It With The Makeup . . . Her Face . . . Looked Like BAD PHOTOSHOP!!!

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Sometimes you can OVERDO IT with makeup – and that’s what happened with Cardi’s sister HENNESSY.

Henny went out last night with about THREE BOTTLES OF FOUNDATION on her face . . . And zero contouring. The result was her face looking like BAD PHOTOSHOP.

She was spotted out rocking a bejeweled leather jacket, black denim jeans, white boots and a black hat to match. The makeup around her eyes wasn't too bad, and the long lash extensions were on point, but that hot pink lipstick was way too much, and she applied a tad too much rouge on those cheeks!

If you check out her Instagram, Hennessy Carolina's usual lip colors tend to be more understated and natural looking, while she goes full force with the eye makeup. Her skin is flawless so she doesn't even need that much foundation (nobody ever needs this much foundation!)

Maybe she gets it from her big sister. As you can see in the picture above, Cardi B has also been known to step out with layers and layers of bright, bold makeup!

What’s crazy is that Henny is a very pretty girl . .. so she really did herself a disservice, stepping out in full clown face!

We just pray that she tones it all down before the next time she steps out. This is not cute - not even a little bit!