Former Real Housewives of New Jersey star Jacqueline Laurita has slammed her former pal, Teresa Giudice, accusing her of having no accountability.

“She's putting the blame on everyone else still," Laurita said on her podcast. She added that "If she wouldn't have lied about her assets if she would have given up her financial information, she wouldn't have gone to prison. Her husband set it up so she wouldn't go to jail. He did everything he could to keep her out of jail. But she lied under oath."

While the blame for the fraud convictions were placed squarely on Teresa's husband Joe Giudice, Laurita says it was actually Teresa who was responsible:

"That was her lie. That was her assets she hid," Laurita claimed. "She has no accountability. … She's a narcissist. She really believes that she's famous for being infamous. I would never want to be famous for flipping tables, acting classless, being dumb, and being a felon."

Laurita has been gunning for Teresa for years. There is no love lost here...