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Former 'RHOA' Star Sheree Whitfield Wants People To Take COVID-19 Seriously

Real Housewives of Atlanta star Sheree Whitfield recently contracted COVID-19 and in a recent interview, she urged people to take the pandemic seriously.

Sheree says she likely contracted the virus after attending a very small gathering.

“People need to take it serious. For the most part I stayed pretty safe. I wore my mask when I went to the grocery store. I didn’t go to many places at all which is why I was able to trace it back. A girlfriend had a small dinner at her house for her birthday and she had maybe 15 people and I kind of stayed away. I just kind of stayed with the two people around and she had a whole weekend thing. She had a brunch and there was maybe 7 or 8 people there,” she told Hollywood Life.

Sheree then described the symptoms, sharing that she first thought she was suffering from allergy symptoms -- but after she called her friend, the friend informed her that her entire family had COVID-19, she realized she might have it too.

Sheree tested positive as did her youngest daughter.