Man Claims To Have Had A 'Gay Encounter' w/ Actor Michael B. Jordan!! (Video)


Former Hollywood publicist, Amir Yass, is claiming that Hollywood star, Michael B. Jordan, once tried to make a move on him.

Yass sat down with 'Juicy Scoop with Heather McDonald', where he told the story which allegedly happened when he worked as the Black Panther star's house assistant.

"He walked around in boxers and no shirt. He was so flirtatious. He would flirt with a wall. He would flirt with me, with everyone -- he was such a flirt." he said.

"I was in his closet, and he was just like 'Are we gonna kiss?'….yeah and I was like 'Michael!' and he was like, 'I just like to josh around with you,' Amir continued.

Yass added that there was definitely something between them, and he was clear Michael "came on to me." Nothing ever did happen with the star despite Jordan allegedly wanting to.

Y'all believe it?