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Brittney F. Taylor, the former cast member of VH1 reality television series, Love & Hip Hop: New York, has threatened to sue Remy Ma after Remy mentioned her in last night's episode of the show.

Remy addressed her legal issues with Brittney on the show. In response, Britt shared a clip of the show on her social media page where she was featured and talked about by Remy Ma, and wrote over the clips that she would be suing, calling it "deformation [sic] of character."

Of course, she means defamation of character (which is totally a different thing), but the point is - she's mad, and she's coming for Remy's coins. Following her legal threats, Brittney wrote a lengthy post, slamming the rapper for bringing her up while she's trying to move forward with her life. According to Britt, she was left "traumatized" by the incident between them. She says that she's been "violated" enough and just wants to be left alone.