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Well, at least the brother is making a living...

Former G-Unit Member Spider Loc now has a 9 to 5 job. His hip hop career never quite took off like many expected. And now the rapper is working as a laborer at the docks.

Spider Loc, real name Curtis Williams, told fans that he's now a dock worker, and a member of the Union. Here's video of Loc on the docks:

So why isn't Spider Loc out touring with 50 Cent - well he burned that bridge a couple of years ago.

Spider Loc and 50 Cent got into a heated exchange on Instagram - and that may have ended his chances of teaming up with 50 Cent going forward.

Loc went on social media and blamed his rap career stalling all on G-Unit boss 50 Cent. The caption said, "#TBT WHEN I REALIZED @50CENT WAS HATIN ON THELOC...LOL"

50 immediately responded to Spider Loc's allegations, saying:

"That wasn't hate, it was frustration because you didn't deliver. Here we are 10 years later still no hit record. After the game situation I was done giving hit records away. I wish you well don't live in the past, work hard and make something happen. I signed @otgenasis it didn't work out, then he came back with a BIG HIT. IM IN LOVE WITH THE COCO. Where ya sh*t at Cus."