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Former 'Basketball Wives' Star Mehgan James: My Lyft Driver Attacked Me!!

Mehgan James, former star of Basketball Wives, is claiming that she was attacked by her Lyft driver.

Mehgan says she returned to Los Angeles after being on a trip when a Lyft driver came to pick her up. He arrived and passed her some hand sanitizer and told her his father recently passed away from COVID. He apologized for being so insistent on hand sanitizer but Meghan told him she didn't mind.

Mehgan goes on to say that all the windows were down on the freeway while she was wearing a hoodie but it was hot and she decided to roll her window up. The driver said "no" and rolled up her window back down.

Things escalated.

"Just got attacked by a @lyft driver," Meghan captioned the video.

"Hey you guys so I just got physically attacked by a @lyft driver named Sergio ! Luckily @courtneymanatee's family whom where strangers Until now picked me up on the 405 and brought me home safely ! Mind you @lapdhq has refused to come to my house for me to file a police report . They said since it's not an emergency that I should come file the report during business hours . Ima upload sergios license plates and picture on the next slide and I Really don't feel safe Bc he now has my address ! But anyway #protectblackwomen . And if I haven't heard from you don't reach out to me I'm good"