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Colton Underwood, one of the most controversial Bachelor's in the show's history has provided an update after he tested positive for coronavirus.

"It's been gnarly these past few days," Underwood said during a visit to On Air With Ryan Seacrest. "Nothing that I'd ever expected, but I'm doing okay so far."

"I just assumed I had the flu. At the beginning of it, [I had] headaches, body aches and then it progressively turned pretty quickly," says Underwood who used to play for the NFL.

"I woke up one morning and the whole bed was just soaking wet...I knew something was off at that time. And then when I got up in the morning I had to sit down to go to the bathroom because I couldn't walk to the bathroom without being exhausted."

"My symptoms were, in my opinion, severe enough to go get tested to figure out what was going on," he added. "I was very lucky to find a doctor here in Orange County. I just went to their website. I called them myself, scheduled a consolation, because you have to get approved to even get qualified for the testing out here...I went in and got the test."

He urged everyone to follow guidelines issued by the government and warned that the virus affects everybody, even if they have no pre-existing conditions.