Former AMERICA'S NEXT TOP MODEL Eva Pigford Is Photo'd In A BIKINI . . . And People Are GOING IN ON HER . . . Saying She AIN'T MODEL MATERIAL ANYMORE!!!


Eva Pigford-Marcelle made her name as one of the models on America's Next Top Model about a decade ago. Since then, Eva has tried to transition into an actress - with limited success.

The lovely young mom still makes MOST of her money through club appearances, and through modeling. But people on SOCIAL MEDIA are wondering if her modeling days are over.

Early this morning, new bikini pics of Eva Marcelle were released by a photo agency. And when folks on social media saw them - they were NOT AT ALL IMPRESSED. One person on Twitter said Eva's "badly built". Another said she looks like a "40 year old housewife".

We still think Eva's pretty and all . . . we're NOT GONNA COMMENT on whether she's still got a body for modeling.