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Forbes Magazine Does A HIT PIECE On Nas . . . Trying To DESTROY His Album Release!!


Forbes Magazine and other mags are putting out SALACIOUS HIT PIECES about rapper as - just as he's set to release his new album.

In the piece published yesterday, the authro brought up Nas ex-wife Kelis unsubstantiated allegations that Nas "abused" her. Kelis is in the midst of a bitter child custody/support battle with Nas. She never brought up the allegations before her court case went unfavorably for her.

Here's what Fores Mag said:

In a Hollywood Unlocked interview published on April 26, Kelis accused Nas of “physical and mental abuse” over the course of their marriage, which lasted from 2005 to 2010. The “Milkshake” singer claimed Nas would often get blackout drunk and come for her in a violent rage. She said she would fight back in self-defense, but Nas would often wake up with no recollection of the previous night’s events. "Literally, we would have the worst night ever and we would wake up the next day, and it's like it never happened,” Kelis told Hollywood Unlocked.

The author then tied Nas to the MeToo movement:

Kelis’ testimony still sounds tragically familiar, even as proponents of the #MeToo movement try to effect change within the music industry by forcing artists to reckon with their own histories of sexual assault, physical and mental abuse

The enraged author continues:

Why hasn’t Nas been forced to address his abuse allegations?

In case you're wondering - THIS is the guy who wrote the article.