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Foolio Roasts NBA Youngboy For Flashing Guns In Video

Foolio called out NBA Youngboy in a recent video. He says it's his own fault that he's currently sitting in jail.

He first spoke about his ongoing beef with the rapper.

"On the song, he said just like this, 'What you want Foolio? B*tch a** boy' Another one come on, 'Foolio, you a b*tch.' I'm like, that's two strikes. Like who the f*ck he talking bout? Then I'm looking at the views and sh*t, and you know what the fans gone do. The fans gone spam you in the comments...they gone start it up. And then it just so happen he got booked for a show in Jacksonville when we followed his a**."

Foolio says Youngboy set himself up for failure by having weapons in his videos.

"I be watching him sometimes, and that's [cause] his circle is full of like 'Yes Men'. So they not gone tell him if he wrong. With my circle right now, they gone tell me when I'm right and when I'm wrong. Like, 'You don't need to post that. That's extra. Just calm down.'"

"Like right now I ain't in the hood 24/7 no more," Foolio continued. "Do that from a distance, you know what I'm saying? Don't set yourself up for failure. If you're a felon, what you got guns in your video for?"