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Kid Buu's followers are not a fan of his new bae, Blac Chyna and have aired their grievances on his Instagram page.

Buu posted a picture of himself with his new girlfriend, captioned:

"Kid Buu Vs. The World 🌎 +she my Ramona Flowers+ 212-664-7665 ❌❌❌❌❌❌❌"

But his followers don't seem to care about his feelings for her, she just wants him to go.

Here are just a few of the mean comments:

"Yuck! Everybody been there family 🤣😂"

"She gon’ take all your money then leave you 😂"

"Almighty jay get your girl 😂😂"

"How much she charge you to post this? She charge extra if you wanna be tagged in hers?"

"Wtf kid buu don’t even like black girls 😂😂this is so fake"

"Dont be fooled Kid Buu know exactly what he doin If he want publicity he damn sure got the right woman on his side"

Do you think the love is real, or is it all just one big publicity stunt? Let us know!