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These days, Dame Dash has become the voice of reason in a lot of situations but his recent 'unity' post on Instagram had many of his followers wondering whether Dame fell and hit his head.

Dame posted a graphic of a white man wearing a cap with a Confederate flag cap and a Black man wearing a Malcolm X tee pounding fists. The post is captioned:

"This would be logical...combine forces and really get the money but we’ve been programmed to hate each other so we stay slaves to a broke rhythm and fight over dumb shit that doesn’t matter... mental slavery keep everyone broke"

But his fans were not here with his unity message and proceeded to school Dame on what it's really like out here for the Black community:

"Man f*ck all that we need unity amongst ourselves first," one follower wrote.

"oh. dude has a confederate hat on and we’re supposed to be brothers? Yeah right. We don’t need to join forces with racist white folks to get anywhere," another commented.

"Nice idea. But i spoke to the Native American chief and he said “ this ain’t it” another quipped.

One follower had a very lengthy response to Dame's unity call:

"See, I didn't have very high expectations of you in terms of politics, justice, systemic oppression, etc... but like cmon yo. You're pushing it. What they really fear is black people standing in who they are, unifying, and protecting ourselves from the true culture vultures. If we did that, we'd be a thriving people..period. No other community thinks the ending of their trauma comes from uniting with the administers of said trauma... not any other community... but you want to get your black ass on here and perpetuate the weakened mentality of black men today, which comes as a direct result of the connection with the very people you think we should unite with. You're a brilliant man, in business... try carrying that over to other realms of your existence."

Who do you think has the right idea? Should we love our confederate flag wearing fellow man or should we be focusing on unity within our own community?