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Floyd Mayweather's GF Wears $3M In Diamonds . . . To Basketball Game . . . She Got An M On EACH HAND!!!


Floyd Mayweather makes sure that any women that are in his presence are WELL taken care of. Last night his longtime companion Jamie Lynn showed just HOW well she’s being taken care of.

Jamie Lynn flossed $3M worth of diamonds at the Miami Heat game. She had two diamond rings – each worth MORE THAN A MILLION DOLLARS. The chains, bracelets, and watches cost more than a milli also.

The former world champion is currently enjoying his retirement in sunny Mexico. Since his return to retirement (he briefly hopped out for his $100 million match with McGregor) he has posted selfies of himself in several countries and posted pictures of expensive jewelry and his massive kitchen.

Jamie Lynn and Floyd have visited the likes of Russia, Milan, St Tropez and Dubai together and she has posted several expensive gifts from the former athlete on her Instagram page. He has been seeing Lynn on and off for years and even when he is seeing other women, they always seem to find a way back to each other.

In the video, she is seen capturing the match before panning the camera to her green Hermes bag and then to her jewelry. Take a look at all of her jewelry below.