Floyd Mayweather's Daughter's Heartbreaking Video - 1 Month After Mom Dies!!


Floyd Mayweather's 15 year old daughter Jirah lost her mother last month, and now she's crying out for help - via TikTok.

(see the video above)

Yesterday the pretty young lady posted a video where she lip synched a song, while showing pictures of her family. The heartbreaking video showed just how much pain the teen is in.

Jirah suggested that she's having typical teenage difficulty with her father and siblings. But the 15 year old spent much of the video honoring her recently deceased mother.

The video is very touching, see above.

Josie Harris, who had 3 children with Floyd Mayweather including Jirah, was found dead at her home in Valencia, CA last month.

The beautiful 40-year-old Josie's body was found unresponsive in her car, outside her home.

She was pronounced dead at the scene. Police did not release the official cause of death, but after a thorough investigation, declared that there was no foul play in her death.