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Floyd Mayweather's daughter Iyanna, or Yaya as she likes to be called, inherited more than just her father's millions - she inherited his fighting skills.

But the woman whom Yaya beat up, is claiming that Floyd's 19 year old daughter may be pregnant - with rapper NBA Youngboy's baby.

Yesterday Yaya Mayweather got into a physical altercation with a woman named CeCe, who was trying to get close with her boyfriend - rapper NBA Youngboy.

According to social media reports, the woman ran into NBA Youngboy at a Dallas hotel after a concert, and started thirsting all over him. When Yaya stepped in and confronted the women, a fight broke out.

And Yaya was the one who came out victorious. Here's a video of the aftermath:

But the woman, isn't ready to let things go. She claims that she "won" the fight - despite showing signs of bruises and broken nails.

And she suggests on her social media, that Floyd Mayeweather's daughter may be pregnant.


What's even more interesting is that in December, NBA Youngboy dropped “Dirty Iyanna” a track about Floyd Mayweather’s seemed the couple had called it quits, but apparently that wasn't the case. Just to refresh your memory...

The Baton Rouge native spoke on his former relationship with Floyd Mayweather’s daughter, Iyanna. In the song he says 

“Might have to gas all my cars/Don’t come out after dark/I see she won’t leave me alone/She sliced the tires on my car,” he sings before the chorus comes in. “After heartbreak I cut off relations/But I be thinking ‘bout you on the daily,” the song continues.

In the accompanying video, a woman wearing a mask slashes his tires with a knife. Back in March, the “Bandit” rapper accused Iyanna of slashing the tires on his Maybach. He uploaded a video to his Instagram account showing the damaged car. In the video, he blamed an “old inherited ass bitch,” which everyone believed to be Iyanna. She quickly denied his allegations saying “STOP DMING ME. HE’S NOT TALKING ABOUT ME.”