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Floyd Mayweather's 19 Yr Old Daughter CONFIRMS She's Pregnant! (Video)

Billionaire boxer Floyd Mayweather's daughter, Yaya, has confirmed that she's pregnant, by rapper NBA Youngboy, MTO News has learned. Yaya will be NBA Youngboy's 4th baby's mama as the rapper has 5 kids from 3 other women.

There had been online speculation for weeks that Yaya was possibly pregnant by a rapper and had done so purposely to solidify her place in his life. Yesterday, Yaya removed all doubt for those wondering about her status and showed off her pregnant belly, during a TikTok video.


But having a baby may a man with multiple baby's mothers is the least of Yaya's worries (although Yaya may not in fact be worried about this at all). As MTO News has previously reported, Yaya is currently facing 25 years in prison for allegedly stabbing one of NBA Youngboy's other baby's mamas.

Her father Floyd Mayweather has hired the best legal team for her money can buy, Yaya may still find herself in an uphill battle for her freedom, as the alleged victim in the case was found by EMT workers with multiple stab wounds and Yaya was not. Yaya also did not deny the assaulting the other woman and reportedly claimed that it was an act of self-defense.