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Boxing champion Floyd Mayweather recently sat down for an interview, where he detailed his long-running feud with 50 Cent.

According to Mayweather, he has no idea what sparked his fallout with the Power producer.

"We could have stayed friends. I never asked him to [be] a part of G-Unit. I just thought we had a genuine friendship. That's what I thought. It is what it is," he explained to N.O.R.E on the Drink Champs podcast.

He also denied that he could have done more to repair their broken friendship.

"I've been nothing but good to him. I'm 100. I've been nothin' but solid with him. I'm a solid dude, and he knows I'm a solid dude," he explained.

"If this man comes over to my house, my chef will cook big meals for us. We sit back and kick it. We traveled on the jet together," he went on. "This is coming out of the blue. It's like me and you, I'm kicking it I'm right here talking with y'all, I'm come and do the show with you every day, and then one day you say something out of the blue and damn, 'where is this coming from?'"