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Floyd Mayweather is one of the wealthiest sports stars in history - and he wants everyone in the world to know it.

The greatest boxer in history stepped out for dinner last night in Beverly Hills. The boxing great was surrounded by security - and was wearing a reported $5,000,000 worth of jewelry.

MTO News is being told that in total - the champ had more than 100 carats of diamonds on him and 5 pounds of gold.

But it's not just the amount of jewelry that Floyd was wearing, it's the quality of each piece. A person close to the champ told MTO News, "Each piece that he wears is a masterpiece - with the highest quality of craftsmanship."

And we know what you're thinking - its it a good idea to spend that much on jewelry?

The champ's insider explained to MTO News, "Every piece of jewelry that [Floyd Mayweather] has appreciated in value. That's what happens when you buy museum quality jewelry."

Here are pics of the champ - shining like a disco ball:


Earlier this week Floyd was showing off his generous side after a recent dinner at a popular Las Vegas restaurant, "Money" reportedly decided to spread the wealth by giving each chef a $300 tip.

The 42-year-old was celebrating a friend's birthday with 16 others at Catch Las Vegas when he entered the kitchen and made the generous gesture, Page Six reported on Monday.

"He personally thanked everyone," a source told Page Six. "The cooks were ecstatic and thankful!"

A generous champ!