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Florida 'TRAP' Rapper Wears FASHIONOVA DRESS In Video . . . Raps About 'SHOOTING'!


A popular Florida rapper changed the game - by wearing a Fashionova dress in his latest video. G6 - who hails out of Deerfield Beach - is considered one of South Florida's hottest young rappers. He has a bunch of tracks that are getting numbers on Soundcloud.

But now he's got something else that has him buzzing in the streets. The rapper put on a dress, in his latest music video. Fror new age rappers, wearing a dress has become a sort of "badge of honor."

In his new video, the TRAP RAPPER danced around wearing a very CUTE red dress. As you can imagine, some people LOVE what G6 is doing. Others are not impressed.

Here are some of the comments from the video:

Clout chasing

Son who raised you niggas fr and yall talking bout shooting guns wearing dresses in my neighborhood the gangsta used to slap niggas like y’all for free

but thats a whole dress? 😒 ion want no man that can go in my closet and feel like they can wear one of my dresses like wtf

Here's the video: