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A popular Pensacola, Florida rapper named Lil Dell is wanted for murder - and his new song is currently going viral. The rapper is on the run from police, for a homicide charge, and he just released a new music video.

19-year-old Lil Dell, real name Cordellious Dyess , was allegedly involved in a fatal shooting a few months ago that claimed the life of an innocent young woman.

So far three teenagers have been arrested in connection with the shooting. 17-year-old Markeasia James, 18-year-old Tequan Warren, and 19-year-old Dante Walker were all arrested in connection with the killing. But police say that Lil Dell is also wanted for murder.

Walker is considered an accessory to the crime, while James and Warren are facing first-degree murder, attempted murder, and aggravated assault charges. James and Warren are possibly looking at life in prison if they're convicted. Per authorities, Dyess could face a fate similar to Warren and James if he's caught. 

According to prosecutors, 20-year-old Elizabeth Harris was shot in a parking lot near Platinum Nightclub in Pensacola after leaving a concert around 2 a.m. on Memorial Day. She later died at the hospital.

Police say that the crime scene was gruesome, with 44 spent shell casings recovered from the scene. Police say that Elizabeth appeared to have been caught in the crossfire, of a gang shootout.

An eyewitness told police several Black men in the parking lot believed to be affiliated with the neighborhood gang “Bro Gang” began shooting at an opposing gang member and eventually sped away.

Here's the video: