A Florida man is making headlines after he told cops the wind blew a bag of cocaine into his car.

According to The Smoking Gun, Joseph Zak told police that the wind might have blown a "bag of cocaine residue" into his vehicle.

Zak was pulled over by the cops after he did not stop at a stop sign.

An officer claims that he witnessed Zak making "furtive movements, leaning over towards the center console as attempting to discard an item out the passenger window."

When Zak finally halted his vehicle, an officer approached the car and saw him trying to hide an open can of Budweiser. The officer then decided to search the vehicle, which reportedly turned up a glass crack pipe and a clear baggie "with a whitish residue, which tested positive for crack cocaine."

When asked about the bag of residue, Zak wanted no parts of it, telling them that "the police or the wind must have placed it there."

He was subsequently charged with multiple offenses, including drug crimes, and was booked into the St Lucie County Jail.

Zak is scheduled for a Dec. 3 arraignment hearing. He is currently free on bond.