FLORIDA Couple Is ARRESTED . . . For Blackmailing INSTA-THOTTIE YesJulz . . . Asked For $18K Or They'd LEAK NEKKID PICS!!


A Florida couple was arrested after police claim that they threatened to leak nude photos and videos of social media superstar “YesJulz,” unless she paid them $18,000.

Hencha Voigt, 28, and Wesley Victor, 33, of South Florida, were arrested after trying to extort $18,000 from the “Queen of Snapchat.”

Police claim that the couple reached out to popular INSTA-THOT YesJulz, 26-year-old Julieanna Goddard, and allegedly tried to extort her. Police say the couple told YesJulz that she had 24 hours to pay the ransom on July 21.

YesJulz agreed and arranged a phony money exchange. The police then arrested Hencha and Wesley.