Florida Black Sheriff Allegedly Caught Sleeping w/ Top Republicans Wives?? (Pics)


Florida sheriff Gregory Tony was handpicked by Republican governor Desantis, now MTO News has learned that he's been caught in a sex scandal. According to local reports, the Black sheriff has been having sexual affairs with the women, possibly the wives of some of Florida's top Republicans.

Newly leaked photos show Tony in sexual situations with women, who many suspects may be the wives of Florida's top Republican power brokers.

In many of the leaked images, Sheriff Tony was seen showing off his toned physique alongside his blonde wife Holly, a registered nurse. 

And the 11 snapshots were reportedly taken at "couple-swapping" parties in Miami. In one of the images, the 41-year-old lawman is hugging his wife from behind with his hands cupping her bare breasts.

Other pictures reportedly show Tony's wife kissing a topless woman and the others, are even more graphic images.

Here are some of the pics:




According to local reporting, many believe that Sheriff Tony may have been  "cucking" many of the top Florida Republicans. Cucking, or cuckolding, is a popular sexual fetish amongst right-wing White men. The right-wing cuckold or "cuck" fantasizes about his wife or girlfriend cheating with a Black man.


The photos were taken in August 2015 and April 2016 at monthly 'Liquid Bliss' parties in a secret location in downtown Miami only revealed to couples vetted by organizers for their physical appearance.

Tony was a sergeant in the Coral Springs police department at the time. He was appointed sheriff in January 2019 when the governor suspended Scott Israel, the elected sheriff.