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Flo Rida REFUSES To Visit His SICK SON . . . Calls The 19 Month Old . . . An EVIL CHILD!!

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Rapper Flo Rida is being accused to being a horrible dad, and a horrible human being - for abandoning his son - who has a serious brain disease.

MTO News learned that Flo Rida's Bbabys mama Alexis Adams, 34, claims that Flo is refusing to meet or visit his 19-month-old Zohar Paxton. Flo does pay for Zohar's medical insurance and court mandated child support.

But Flo Rida only met his sick son once and he did it in a cold way. Here's what his mother said:

Flo Rida has only seen his son once during the paternity test but kept his shades on and his back turned. They were in the same room. He didn't try to hug Zohar, nothing. It was very cold.'

FLORIDA%u2019S baby

Here's how the Daily Mail is reporting the rest of the story:

Zohar has hydrocephalus, a neurological condition which causes an abnormal accumulation of cerebrospinal fluid within cavities in the brain.

Although symptoms vary, they can include the abnormal enlargement of a baby's head, nausea, vomiting, headache and vision problems. Since birth, Zohar has had numerous doctors' appointments, tests and ultrasounds for the incurable condition.

Last month, he underwent brain surgery - but there was no visit or phone call from his father, Alexis said.

'Even after Zohar's surgery, he hasn't reached out to find out if he's okay,' she said. 'I find it strange because Flo Rida is always involved in charities pertaining to kids.

And Alexis claims that Flo Rida has strong feelings for his own son. She told The Daily Mail:

'He called my baby "an evil f***ing child". Those were his exact words.'