FLINT Parents Sentenced To 40 Years . . . For Beating 3 Year Old TO DEATH!!!

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Flint Michigan parents who killed their 3-year-old daughter while potty training her will face up to 40 years in prison.

Yesterday a judge sentenced Erika Finley, 29, and Khairy Simon, 27, for murdering their daughter Kimora. The court found that the parents then stuffed her body in a backpack, and buried her beside railroad tracks near their home in Flint.

Erika was given 15 to 40 years in prison for Kimora's death. 

Khiary was sentenced to 12 to 40 years in prison. He got a lighter sentence because he snitched on Erika and tried to help authorities locate Kimora's body. 

"Ms. Finley -- you have a stain on your soul," said Genesee Circuit Judge Geoffrey L. Neithercut. "The heinous act that you did causes every mother in this community to wonder why. Every parent in this community is appalled."

Khiary admitted - as a condition of a plea deal - that Erika repeatedly punched Kimora and hit her with an extension cord while they were trying to potty train her

Khiary told the judge that Erika put Kimora's body in a garbage bag before stuffing it into a backpack. He then buried his daughter by their home.

Here's Kimora:


Finley previously pleaded no contest to second-degree murder, first-degree child abuse, first-degree child abuse in the presence of another child, tampering with evidence, lying to a police officer and welfare fraud.

She also was sentenced Wednesday, Sept. 5, to five to 10 years in prison on a second-degree child abuse charge. It will run concurrent to the murder sentence.