'Flavor Of Love 2' Star Bootz: Mo'Nique Blacklisted Me!!

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Larissa Aurora, a.k.a. Bootz has accused comedian Mo'Nique of blacklisting her from the industry.

Bootz made the claims against Mo'Nique -- who hosted the of Flavor of Love Girls: Charm School, on a recent appearance on Lacey Sculls' Talk of Love podcast.

"There was a particular situation where my publicist told me there was a celebrity spa day event and I wanted to go and she said, 'Oh we have a problem.' I was like, 'what?' So, my publicist was like, 'yeah, Mo'nique said if you go, she's not going,'" she said.

She continued, "Because Mo'Nique was a bigger actress at the time, of course they're gonna pick her. So, I couldn't go to the event. She basically blacklisted me, telling people that if I go, this and that. And I tell people this all the time, people ask me like now, 'What do you think about what's going on with her?' "

Bootz added, "I think that that's karma, because you been blacklisting people. God will stop all those blessings."