Flavor Flav Says People Are Still Calling Him Boosie Badazz

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Flavor Flav says that people are still calling him Boosie Badazz following the gag that he pulled earlier this month.

At the beginning of the month, Boosie posted a video, sharing that a fan had confused him with Flav. He appeared to be distressed. Flav then also made a video, claiming that somebody had confused him with Boosie as a joke.


But he says the joke has gone on for too long.

"Ayo. Check one, two. This is Flavor Flav on Las Vegas Blvd. Live, baby. Ayo, this sh*t is getting out of f*cking hand right now, man. You know what I'm saying? Muthaf*ckas is coming up to me, calling me Lil Boosie on purpose. 'Hey Lil Boosie, how you doing? Oh, Flavor Flav.' I don't look like no Lil muthaf* ckin' Boosie. Aight?" he said.

"Boosie, look what the f*ck you done started, son. You got everybody calling me you now. I don't look like Lil Boosie. I look like Flavor muthaf*ckin' Flav. So y'all get it right, aight? Word up, G. Boosie ain't got the stats that I got. Boosie only got the stats that he got. So y'all remember that sh*t. I'm Flavor muthaf*ckin' Flav, not Lil Boosie."

This video is only going to make the trolls go harder, Flav.