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Flavor Flav Responds To Boosie: Boosie Can't F*ck w/ Me!!

After Boosie Badazz went viral for hopping on the internet in his feelings after a fan mistook him for Flavor Flav, Flav has responded -- claiming he was mistaken for the rapper.


"Ayo check this out, I'm up here walking through the mall man and motherf*ckers is running up to me talking bout Lil Boosie. I don't look like Lil Boosie. If anything, Lil Boosie looks like me. I was here first. Nah what I'm saying? Word up."

"Aye, I'm a big fan of Lil Boosie know what I'm saying? But Boosie can't f*ck with Flav. Boosie can't f*ck with Flav, you know what I'm saying. Forreal, baby, I got stats, I got stats, ya heard? Word to the bird baby," he said. "I like Lil Boosie though, that's my dude, going around smacking the sh*t out of people, oh he's a real G. But he still can't f*ck with Flav. I got the stats, alright. Word to the bird."

Boosie appeared to take offense when a fan at the airport got the two mixed up.