Hip Hop fans were left stunned earlier this week when Public Enemy member, Chuck D, announced that Flavor Flav had been kicked out of the group.

Many accuse Chuck D of kicking Flavor Flav out for refusing to endorse Sen. Bernie Sanders, but Chuck had maintained that this was not the case. Now it seems that Flav is confirming that the fallout was not over Sanders after all.

I don’t have anything against Bernie,” Flav told The Guardian. “I think he’s a good person and I wish him luck. I think they’re all good people. Except Trump. Some people tried to say I did this because I’m a Trump supporter and that’s not true. F*ck Trump!”

He then reportedly told the publication that the beef was not about Sanders.

“Why try to say I’m a part of something I’m not a part of?” Flav said. “That was all Chuck D.”

The pair have been going back and forth on Twitter, but despite Chuck's calls for Flav to enter rehab, he says that he has been clean for more than a decade.