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FIRST Pregnancy Pic Of Love & Hip Hop LYRICA . . . New Tea: Her Husband A1 Wants DNA TEST!!!


MTO News broke the report that Lyrica is pregnant with her first child. There is some speculation online that he baby may belong either to her husband, producer A1 . .. or her alleged side dude Safaree.

Well MTO News now has official receipt for the pregnancy. We obtained screenshots taken from A1s Instagram Live, and if you look in the background you can CLEARLY see Lyrica. We've learned that she is approximately 6 months pregnant and is CLEARLY showing.

Here's the pic


And we have some MORE TEA. MTO News spoke with a Love & Hip Hop producer and they tell us that A1 has requested that they film a scene where he asks wife Lyrica for a DNA TEST during her pregnancy. 

This is interesting because there's DRAMA during the course of this season, and speculation that Lyrica may have had a sexual fling with A1's friend Safaree.

Of course A1 does NOT believe that Safaree REALLY had an affair with his wife Lyrica, it's all a FAKE STORYLINE. But it's definitely interesting. And it looks like Lyrica and A1 are willing to drag their unborn child into the juicy storyline.

According to VH1's blog, "Ray J’s swindling of Safaree to get him to tell the truth has Brooke’s jaw on the ground. Although Safaree wasn’t trying to break up a happy home, even Brooke sees that it’s too late for that. “Safaree’s d—k is wrapping around A1 and Lyrica’s marriage,” Brooke says and now that the word is out, no one can blame Brooke for being Miss RunTellDat in this situation."