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First PREGNANCY Pic . . . Of Kenya Moore . . . Is That Bump FAKE??


Atlanta Housewife Kenya Moore is 49 years old - and she claims that she's six months pregnant. But plenty of people think that she's FAKING the pregnancy - so that she can stay on the Atlanta Housewives.

Well MTO News got its hands on the first BABY BUMP pic. Here is Kenya and her alleged pregnant bump:


A number of people are saying that Kenya appears to be wearing a "prosthetic" belly in the image. They claim that you can see the garment through the front of her dress.

What do you think - real or fake??

What's a little fishy is that Kenya has been posting and deleting photos a little bit lately. 

Last week, Kenya addressed the conspiracy theorists who seemed to believe that she was fabricating her pregnancy or even her marriage.

"@bet @celebrity_insider_org @theinquisitr shame on you for constantly regurgitating the slanderous fake news from #radaronline."

She then lists some of the stories that have gotten under her skin.

"Fake Husband, Fake Pregnancy, Fake Boyfriends, Fake Storyline, FIred, Fake Divorce."

She hates false stories and she hates seeing them recycled.

"At least be effing original with your hateful lies."

She says that she understands being a subject of speculation, but that she wants her family left out of it.

"I’m used to you all making up stories to get clicks off my name but LEAVE MY FAMILY ALONE."

She signed off, writing:

"#thatamrsdaly2you #blacklove"

Recently there have been reports of Kenya opening up about her pregnancy journey, "during an interview with PEOPLE earlier this month and detailed her experience with IVF, which she said "was a pretty simple process for her." The RHOA entrepreneur said that she was advised to wait to take a blood test at the doctor's office to find out if she is expecting rather than an at-home pregnancy test because they "don’t always show the hormone level if it’s not strong enough … so it may give you a negative when it’s actually positive."