DMX Just finished serving a year in prison, for tax evasion - and he look like a new man.

Before going into prison, DMX got back on drugs and he looked a wreck. Now the rapper is 100% clean, and looking great. He's also back in the lives of his children.

In fact, DMX reunited with his fiancee Desiree Lindstrom on Friday after being freed from prison.

Desiree and DMX posed for a photograph that day with their two-year-old son Exodus Simmons, the youngest of the rapper's 15 children.

DMX went out for breakfast with his child and bride-to-be after he left prison Friday morning.

Despite completing his sentence the Big Apple based rapper must begin paying off $2.3million in restitution to the American government.

The rapper released this pic yesterday, showing just how far he's come:


To put that in perspective, this is what he looked like when just before he went to prison.


DMX, who is now 48, was released from Gilmer Federal Correctional Institution in West Virginia on Friday morning, according to TMZ.

He had been in the prison serving nearly a year for tax evasion. He was sentenced by a federal judge last March.

According to TMZ's report, he must now enter outpatient programs for substance abuse and mental health.

At the time of his sentencing, the rapper claimed to not realize how serious his crime was and apologized for other run-ins with the law, saying, “I was in a cloud. I was in a cloud. I wasn’t thinking straight.”