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Festival Threatens To Sue 21 Savage Over Freaknik-Themed Birthday Party

21 Savage recently celebrated his birthday with a Freaknik Festival-themed birthday party.

But the official Freaknik Festival then hopped on social media to call him out.

"Saw @21savage and @megameezy #Freaknik21 last night at @underground_atlanta and looked like a super dope event," the festival tweeted. "Sucks we gonna have to sue them when all we asked that they acknowledged us since it was a free event and they declined."

The festival continued: "Spending over a million to revive a brand, fighting negative public perception and proving we can do it 2 years with no issues, comes at a cost. We can't let others just infringe on that. So know when you hear them talk about the suit after we file it, know that we tried to work it out very easily beforehand."

21 Savage saw their response and tweeted: "Y'all better sit down somewhere."

Freaknik has not yet filed the lawsuit. 21 fans dragged the festival in the comments.