Female VIDEO VIXEN Came Out . . . Claims That She BEAT UP Remy Ma . . . KNOCKED HER OUT . . . And STOLE ALL HER JEWELRY!!! (Nicki's SLANDER Machine Is Out)


This weekend, when Remy Ma released her "ShETHER" song, you knew it was only a matter of time before Nicki responded. Well now we know HOW Nicki's gonna respond - with SLANDER.

Look at the video that was sent to our inbox this morning - an old video of video vixen Gloria Velez, claiming that she KNOCKED OUT Remy . . . and stole her chain.

Gloria can be heard as saying:

I ran into [Remy] at Jadakiss album release party, and I banged her out. I f*cked her up.

[Remy] underestimated a b*tch [like me]. Pretty girls can f*ck a b*tch up too, you know. Not just ugly b*tches can fight.

I [stole] her sh*t - her chain. F*cked her up.