A popular female UFC fighter's career may be over, MTO News has learned. Doctors say that UFC star Karolina Kowalkiewicz may have to retire after having surgery on a broken eye and cracked skull. Karolina suffered a brutal head kick by Xianon Yan on February 22.

On her Instagram story yesterday, Karolina thanked all those who had supported her after she had surgery in Warsaw, Poland. Doctors placed a titanium plate into her skull, near her right eye. 

Karolina suffered the skull-cracking injury during her defeat to Yan at UFC Fight Night: Auckland.

Karolina was battered and beaten throughout the fight, and she sustained facial injuries in the first and second rounds.

But the ringside doctor allowed the fight to continue, all the way to the end. That's when Karolina's Chinese opponent was ultimately awarded a unanimous decision victory. 

Here is the video fo the brutal kick:

And here is a picture of her recovering:


After the brutal injury, Karolina updated her fans in an Instagram post. The injury was so horrific she was not permitted to travel for some time after.

”Hi guys, thank you for your support,” the former UFC strawweight title challenger said in an Instagram Story. “First time in my life after a fight, I cannot say I’m okay. Like you see, at the beginning of the first round, I have broken small bone here. I couldn’t see nothing. My vision was double and everything was like in the fog.”

“After the fight, I spent all day in the hospital. [Sunday] I going to a specialist and they [are] going to make a decision because I need an operation,” she said. “And I’m waiting for a decision here or I go back to Poland and make this operation in Poland. But doctors said I have to say here because flying with this eye is very dangerous.”